Castaway Creative was designed for the beautiful women who live and visit North Stradbroke Island.

Bringing something fresh and unique to your next girls night out.

 We provide a range of workshops from Resin Art, Watercolour & Wine,  Clay Creations and so much more.

We invite you to get the creative juices flowing with a cheeky champagne... or four  😍  Craft something unique, indulge in delicious grazing platters & enjoy some laughs with the girls.

Hi my name is Kirsty
I am the founder of Castaway Creative.
I’m a young mum to a 2 & 4 year old, and partner to my better half - a surf obsessed tradie .
I am a full time university student studying a Bachelor of Communications.
I am also  an Island gal and enjoy everything North Stradbroke Island has to offer. 
My own personal journey over the last few years, is what has led me to create Castaway Creative.
I spent some time quite lost after I had my first child. I was trying to fit into societies boxes as a woman and as a mother.
Trying to balance being ‘me’ and being a mum. And trying to juggle creating my life and career side by side with raising tiny humans.
I realised that balance is essential to not only my productivity but also to my happiness. Just like our glorious Iphones there is only so much we can give and it takes a lot longer to recharge once we’ve completely burnt out.
I realised a couple years into this journey that there are a lot of women out there just getting by, feeling all of societies expectations on their shoulders, misunderstood and pressured. I know a lot of women who I speak to many times a year but have never sat down and had a drink with them or connected through an activity. I also know there are a lot of women out there who want to connect, but don’t know how to meet people or might feel they don't have much in common.
My dream for Castaway Creative is to create the ultimate space for women to Relax, Connect, Create and Recharge.

Providing comfort and beauty for women like this. Somewhere you can indulge in femininity, be creative, enjoy a glass of champagne and feel connected, understood and part of a community.
A place you don’t have to dress up to attend, but also a space you can get dolled up and go out if you feel like it. 
Castaway Creative is for every single woman! It is our place to come together to unwind, indulge and enjoy.
My mission is to create a community of women who do things for themselves and make time to put themselves first because